Weather: Shitty.

Weather is shitty, Becker feels shitty and I feel Shitty. I have had the flu since last week, I been taking antibiotics from Mexico since last Thursday. Seems like I am finally kicking it. Becker is doing OK for the most part, she has an appointment October 10th, hopefully the we can get her treatments started.

Our Grouse Tournament is coming up October 8th, It will be the last one I hold at the bar, but I am sure Les and Shelly will be carrying on in years to come.

A police officer asks a thief, “Why did you steal this stranger’s watch?”

The thief replies, “I didn’t steal it — he gave it to me!”

The policeman asks, “When did he give it to you?”

The thief tells him, “When I showed him the gun.”

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