The night the lights went out in Bergland

Weather: Beautiful Day

Trail Conditions: Good day to ride

I woke up yesterday to the fan and tv going off in the bedroom at 7:15am, upon an intense investigation (the locals all circling the block) I concluded the whole neighborhood was out of power. I jumped in the truck and drove to Bergland to see if they had power, which they did not, so I couldn’t get mom a coffee. I remembered I had a generator at the bar so I brought it home so I could make mom coffee.  When I got there the propane guy was filling me up so naturally I was bitching about paying that bill. Mom got up and asked what was going on and I told her Becker didn’t pay the damn light bill.  Then mom stepped up and said honey I have money and I can help you out, you need electricity.

We mad coffee and toast with the generator on the back porch in the rain.  What a nice morning. At 10am the lights came back on.  The End

Hey I’m reaching here, not a lot going on right now. I have writer’s block.


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