Weather: Mild temps STILL.

Usually when people have nothing to talk about they bring up the weather. But since the weather is not worth talking about I have to find something else to talk about. So…….

Nick Keller (The Milage Man), the guy on the Yamaha that ride like Forest Gump runs stopped in yesterday. He has retired Mary Jane, (the sled he rode for 99,956 miles) and it is headed for St. Germain to go into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum . I took a pic of the sled on the trailer on back of his truck but I don’t have my phone cable here.

Nick told me he is doing a 500 mile ride on February 11th and inviting 20 people to tag along. A $1000 donation is asked for to ride along with him. Nick already has 14 riders committed to ride with him and we don’t even have snow yet. When we get snow these 6 slots will be gone. I told Nick that I will sponsor a sled, so all I need is a rider with some balls, or a lady without (one Lady is already in the group of 14 riders) to commit to ride 500 miles on the 11th.

Nick also informed me that a Polaris has never made the 500 mile trip with him and he would like to see one join the group (Hey Polaris Dan, you reading this?)

If you are interested contact me and I will put you in contact with Nick.

I am going to put up $500 of the $1000, I will be taking donations for the other $500, If we raise more than $1000, the extra will go to the Keller Family Community Foundation also. (Don’t worry we will make the $1000).

So what do you say? Anyone up for the challenge?


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