Weather: Highs are below freezing at least.

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New Years Eve morning and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse,

The sleds were all filled with some gas and some oil, Only with not enough snow their trip would then spoil
My renters were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of snow storms danced in their heads.

Well I’m bored if you can’t tell, and running out of things to write on here. Seems like every year we struggle with different circumstances. This is by far the worst start we have had to snowmobile season in the 9 years Becker and I have had the bar. One thing I have learned living in the UP, you’ll never get rich but it seems like something always happens where you get by.

Forecasts don’t look promising 10 days out, but it is the UP and things change over night. Hopefully they change quick. But we can not control the weather. On a positive note temps are still staying below freezing for highs, although some sub zero stuff would really be nice.

The Lake continues to build ice, although I would not recommend venturing out there. I would think the idea of celebrating New years in two different time zones this year would be out of the question. Don’t chance it. Pick a place to go for New Years tonight and stay there. Better safe than sorry. 

Happy New Years everyone from the Bay Bar, and I hope we get a chance to see you in January.

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