Weather: Milder temps.

Trail conditions: Good.

Warning: The steep hill about 2 miles south of Rockland is very icy, Henrys Bar called me and said to tell riders to use Victoria Road to go into town instead of the trail. Their snowmobile club might have put up a detour already.

We are in for some milder temps heading into next weekend, with even a possibility of some rain on Friday. But don’t fret, we have plenty of snow out there. Riders are reporting good conditions overall. Traffic should lighten up a lot this week. Especially with the warm up on Friday. But that is why I think riding will still be pretty good. We have not gotten a lot of snow the last few days, but we have a little forecasted tonight and tomorrow, just in time to put a fresh coat on the trails.


The DNR told me to contact Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) to report bad trail conditions. At times there are reasons for bad trails, extra heavy traffic, warm temps, breakdowns, ect……. But if you continue to see bad conditions do all of us a favor, take the time to contact MSA. Don’t be sarcastic, just be honest, but please take the time to contact them. Especially if you are a business in the area, listen to the people that come to your place, and encourage them to take the time to contact MSA to help us all. http://www.msasnow.org/contact-us/

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