Getting conflicting reports on this one, On 102 about 2 miles south of 11. Use caution when riding out there. I’ve read it is chest deep and it is 8″ deep in the same message thread.

Stay off of the Highways, don’t believe the dumbasses that say it is legal to ride the shoulder, it is not and you can be ticketed. The other issue local residents are calling the police complaining about is sleds going excessive speeds down county roads. 25 mph is what you need to do, the police are pissed because of too many calls coming in and that is when they come out in full force. The stop signs and speed limits are there for cars as well as sleds. And any of you that are going to say “we live in a snowmobile town deal with it” please go some place else to ride. We do not want your business.

Well there are your warnings, the good news is besides the water hole up on 102 trails are in very good condition.

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