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Snowing as I write Trail Report for Bergland




Weather: Snowing now, more on the way

Trail Conditions: Very Good

What a beautiful day to have my plow truck in the shop, snowing now with 4-12 in the forecast between now and 11pm Monday night.  So my bet is….being I have no plow truck, it is going to snow like mad, kind of like Murphy’s Law.

If you want to make sure we have lots of snow for the day after Christmas, do what I am doing, today is Sunday so take your mother to church this morning, we have to out number all the others sitting in pews praying for clear roads and driveways………

I’m told there is a couple of water holes north of here by the intersection od trails 101 & 12.  I think the one off the trail is the deep one, like up to the gas tank, so take the shallow puddle, your sled will thank you for it.

Lost Keys on Trail 13



Keep your eyes out for a set of lost Ford truck keys on Trail 13 north.  Between Bergland and Greenland.  So if you are stopping to smell the roses or even taking a pee………..look down. If a miracle does happen and you come across them, call me at the bar or Call Maple Ridge, otherwise someone is not going to make it home for Christmas.

Lake Gogebic Radar Run



Radar run on Lake Gogebic

Radar run on Lake Gogebi

Snow coming to Lake Gogebic?




Weather: Cold and Snow on the way?

Trail Conditions: Very Good (coming from you guys)

Very good is all I been hearing from riders, we have less traffic than do do up north but everyone here has been giving me reports that are nothing but very good.

The Real Red Cup Guys (except for Mo who don’t want to get his new shocks in snow) said they took my advice and got their A$$es up here, and were glad they did.

Forecast looks good for the next few days snow wise too.  We should be all ready for you the day after Christmas.

Lake Gogebic Snowmobile Trails are Very Good




Weather: Still cold and a few inches yesterday

Trail Conditions: Very Good (reported by Snowmobilers)

Very good I am told by snowmobilers of the trail conditions out there that came into the bar yesterday.  I seen a lot of trailers on the road, probably heading north, they do have more snow up north but we are in very good shape around here with a lot less traffic.  Rumor has it that our new groomer should be here any day, that will make for a nice Christmas present to the grooming club.  (and all the snowmobilers)

Mary  Beth from the Walleye Lodge had bandanas with the trail map printed up.  They are for sale at area businesses for $5 and $2 of that goes to the grooming club.

I have been trying to iron out problems with my web site and would like to ask a favor of you, please send me an email if there are things that seem weird,  I noticed sex ads coming up frequently on the live webcam pages, I do not know if all of you out there are seeing the same, but please email me if you are.  I think the cause of it was because I named the pages “Live web cams”, so if you are seeing these ads please email me, Thanks, Tom.



Bergland Snowmobile Trails = Awesome



I was told today by a snowmobiler that as usual I understated the trail conditions.  I also said we were not getting any snow yesterday.  I guess that is why I am the “ünofficial Trail report”.  It started snowing right after I put out yesterdays report and it kind of snowed all day, but it was one of those days where the accumulation didn’t amount to too much.  About 2 inches which may not seem like much to some of you, but to most of us guys 2 inches is a lot.  We got LES and also some fine system snow, keep an eye on the weather the next few days, we may be getting a good dose soon.

I am still ironing out a few bugs here and there with the site, any feed back you can give would help, yep I know the damn porcupine is not close enough to the camera.  LOL  But if you can blow the pic up, especially on smart phones, you can see it clearer and you can even tell Porkie has balls. Bottom line, the trails are real good, I told you to get your a$$es up here………………

All I want for christmas is snow




Weather: A balmy 17 degrees today

Trail Conditions: Should be good to go

I only worked for a few hours yesterday, so I didn’t talk to too many riders, only 4 as a matter of fact.  So I don’t have much to report, forecast looks ok for a little bit of snow this weekend but nothing major as of yet Or is there………. looking at John Dee’s report he posted a special report for a possible dumping on late this weekend.  We will just have to wait and see.

A guy goes to a female dentist to have a tooth extracted.
She pulls out a numbing needle to give the man a shot.
“No way! No needles. I hate needles” the patient said.
The dentist starts to hook up the nitrous oxide and the man says:” I can’t do the gas thing. The thought of having the gas mask on suffocates me!’
The dentist then asks the patient if he has any objections to taking a pill.

“No objection,” he says. “I’m fine with pills.”
The dentist gives him a couple of pills. He swallows them.
“What are they?” he says.
“Viagra,” says the dentist.
“Heck,” the patient says, “I didn’t know Viagra worked as a pain killer.”
“It doesn’t” said the dentist,
“But it will give you something to hold on to when I pull your tooth.”

So you want to be a Weatherman?




Weather: An inch or 2 of new snow

Trail Conditions: Good

I want to be a weatherman in my next life, yesterday it looked like we were going to get snow, today it doesn’t look too good, yesterday we got snow and it wasn’t even forecasted from what I remember.  John Dee is probably the most consistent I have seen since I have been following the weather up here, weather underground changes drastically daily.  John’s forecast comes out by 10am, I usually try to look at his forecast before I put the report out but I have to get going early this morning.  Hopefully we are still going to get what he had up on his site yesterday.

We have not been getting the snow that they have been getting north of us, but we have been getting an inch or two every couple of days, this is good because it builds our base.  Don’t worry, we are in good shape, and it is only going to get better…………

If you are up here for New Years I did purchase some fireworks for discharge at Midnight.  If you are not here try tuning into the web cams, my cams limit to 20 users at 2 minutes a session, so if at first you can’t get on refresh and you may be able to get on when someone else’s session expires.

Porkie in place, Merriweather Mi.




Porkie is located in Merriweather, 1 block north and one block west of the Hoop N Hollar on old M-28.  I think I am done tweeking for this year, next year we will decorate him a little more and give him a bigger set of balls. (Yep he has them, look close.)


Good trail conditions in Bergland, Porkie comes to Merriweather




Weather:Maybe an inch added since yesterday

Trail Conditions: Good to even better, further north the better it gets

Conditions are looking pretty damn good, it is time to say “Get Your A$$es up here” You won’t be disappointed if you like early season riding, and we have snow on the way today and Thursday night it looks like.  I should have “Porkie” out by the tree today, at least that is my goal.  Check him out on the  WebCam Page It should be finished by tonight.